Gatherer invites you to pay attention to the magic of the moment.

Noticing what you notice, you can express any thought, feeling, place or time as a momentary reflection in colour - using the simple custom-built Gatherer iPhone App.

Gatherer has been developed for the Hunter Gatherer artwork by Jackie Calderwood - a GeoArtCache project with Chrysalis Arts, North Yorkshire.

Over summer 2011 visitors to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales are invited to join the hunt to find five caches hidden around the National Park, to respond to the caches using the Hunter Gatherer App (and other alternatives) and to discover the unfolding story of the magical creature of the Dales – out in the field and here online.

Find out how to take part at www.geoartcache.com.

Gatherer can be used in other ways too. It is ideal for idle moments, tracing a journey, interrogating an idea... and anything else you choose!

Make colour grids to express your favourite foods, places you visit, people you meet.

Gatherer allows you to tweet, email or keep private your colour and text response.

Visit the gatherer gallery to see the growing collections of grids.

Gatherer invites you to create using the 16 square grid and focusing your response through the three questions that follow. The process developed through Jackie's research practice, drawing on art and design methods alongside questions inspired by David Grove's Clean Language.

There's more background information on Jackie's project blogs for Experimental Walks and Hunter Gatherer, Warp and Woof and Warp and Woof: Canada.


Concept, Research and Artistic Development: Jackie Calderwood.

Hunter Gatherer (Yorkshire Dales) was commissioned for the GeoArtCache project by Chrysalis Arts, 2011.

App and website build: Sean Clark, Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd.

Clean Language Training & Consultancy: Wendy Sullivan, Clean Change Company.

Lithophone Recordings: Bobbie Millar, Inter-Faculty Initiative Co-ordinator, Leeds University. Quarry Arts and Ruskin Rocks Projects.

User testing consultation: New Research Trajectories; Beyond Text: Making and Unmaking; Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University; Pervasive Media Studio, Bristol.

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