Hunter Gatherer

Hunter Gatherer is an invitation to play, imagine, create and explore...

  • Play the GeoArtCache 'treasure hunt' when you visit the Yorkshire Dales
  • Imagine yourself there and follow the story online
  • Create colour grids of what you notice wherever you are
  • Explore the gallery of grids, films and songs of the magical creature who replies (Cache Keys, found in the treasure hunt, are required for some parts of the website) the magical creature of the Yorkshire Dales sung into life by the stories you tell.

Download the Gatherer iPhone App from the Apple App Store to create colour grids on your iPhone.

The GeoArtCache

Hunter Gatherer is one of three artist commissions for a new form of adventure - the GeoArtCache, pioneered by Chrysalis Arts, North Yorkshire.

Over the summer of 2011, five Hunter Gatherer caches in the Yorkshire Dales will come to life at different times, when the magical creature comes to visit. If you listen, you may hear whispers of its song, or see glimmers of its movement. And it listens to you...

Hunter Gatherer, created by artist Jackie Calderwood, explores the magic of digital media, geocaching and art – invoking the magical creature of our imagination.

As hunters find the cache and send in their responses, the creature is drawn into life. Revisit the caches to see what's changed, and trace the journey of the magical creature as the story unfolds.

For more information about the GeoArtCache, to get the full cache listings, share photos and comments go to

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